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3 Perfect Reasons to Upgrade Your Property With Integrated Home Lighting Control

Add Style, Save Energy and Find New Ways to Enjoy Your Spaces With Smart Lighting

3 Perfect Reasons to Upgrade Your Property With Integrated Home Lighting Control

Light is essential for making a house a home. Before you choose a type of curtain or try to match the couch to the wall color, you need a functioning light system. But why settle for a few lamps in each room of your Reno, Nevada property when you can have a totally integrated home lighting control solution at your fingertips? Smart lighting is a great way to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities while saving energy and adding style to your spaces. Read on to learn more.

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Home Theater

One of our favorite parts of a home theater is that it's only limited to your imagination. You can create the setting to fit your needs, with every possible amenity at your fingertips. And when you add lighting control, you can get even more out of it. We can program LED fixtures to point away from the screen, so they don't wash out the image, but remains completely functional.

Plus, because LED lights are so versatile, you can even select from thousands of different color options to coordinate your lighting with the mood of the entertainment. Choose a cool blue while relaxing with some TV, or appropriate team colors when enjoying the start of MLB season, or the NBA finals. With a single touch, you can fully customize your theater experience.

Outdoor Lighting

But you don't have to be cooped up indoors to enjoy incredible light control. Enjoying the great outdoors is part of the appeal in Reno, so setting up control around your outdoor spaces is a perfect solution for late-night parties.

For instance, add beauty to your pool whether you want to craft an elegant centerpiece to your property, or you just want the perfect place for a get-together. Pre-programmed settings that alternate lights in and around your pool augment the style and beauty of the area after the sun goes down. They also create a safe and fun environment for a midnight swim. Integrated smart lighting turns your pool into the most beautiful area of your entire neighborhood.

Hands-Free Control

Of course, smart automation is about more than just adding beauty to your spaces. It's about simplifying your lifestyle. That's why integrated lighting solutions offer plenty of hands-free options for control. Here are a few:

• Timer – An easy means of conserving energy, timers are a simple way to make sure you're only using the light you need when you need it. By using an astronomical clock, you can ensure that your lights automatically turn on at sunset, and turn off at sunrise. Or, if you prefer, you can set it to turn the lights off at bedtime.

• Occupancy sensors – Occupancy sensors are a perfect solution for a family that forgets to turn off the lights when they leave a room. It's a simple mistake, and anyone can make it, but there's no reason to put too much strain on your fixtures. Plus, many occupancy sensors can be programmed to ignore the presence of animals, so your lights won't be turning on and off at all hours of the day and night.

• Lighting scenes – Scenes offer one-touch controls for returning your home lighting to a predetermined setting. For instance, a "Good Night" scene will turn off all of your lights except security and night lights. A "Vacation" scene will alternate lights throughout rooms to make your home look occupied when you're away.

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