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How to Spruce up Your Restaurant With Integrated Technology

Commercial Automation Helps Your Reno Restaurant Shine

How to Spruce up Your Restaurant With Integrated Technology

If you run a restaurant in Reno, you know how difficult it can be. But being successful isn’t just about serving the best food or having the most accomplished staff; it’s about how comfortable your customer is in your space. Commercial automation can help with that by providing solutions that can keep patrons at the table or bar, spending money for hours. In this blog, we’ll show you how smart technology can simplify your business while helping you grow. Read on for more.

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A Connected Network

When people step out of their homes today, there’s one thing that they expect that wouldn’t have even been possible 20 years ago – wireless internet access. Among the primary places they want to enjoy internet use is in local eateries. That’s why it’s imperative that you have a smart Wi-Fi network integrated into your spaces. Customers will be able to stay in touch with friends, and you can set up a secure private network to conduct business safely.

Video Displays

Football season is upon us, and that means thousands of sports fans will flock to their local bar to catch the game and a snack. If you’re running a sports bar in town, you know that the most impressive displays are necessary to stand out in the crowd.

But even if you’re not running a sports bar, video displays can create a dynamic, ever-changing ambiance for your eatery. Whether you want to stream a Netflix movie or show some calming nature scenes, an HD video display can help transform the look of your space.

Distributed Audio

A restaurant is all about the senses. The smells, the flavors and the sounds. Don’t let your patrons eat in dead silence, instead, stream music softly for their listening pleasure.

Many business owners are concerned that distributed audio means bulky black boxes hanging off their walls, distracting from the ambiance. However, in-wall and in-ceiling speaker options are available, so you don’t have to see the components while you receive top-quality sound.

Control It All With a Single System

You hire a bartender to pour drinks, a waiter to serve customers and a host to make the experience memorable. What you don’t hire them for is the ability to control complex technology. That’s why you want to invest in a system that gives them the ability to simply and quickly control components throughout your restaurant.

Say a customer walks in hoping to watch his home-team game on your big screen TV. He can simply ask the bartender to change the channel on an easy-to-use interface, and within seconds he’s happily enjoying the show. Or perhaps a couple comes in celebrating their anniversary. Sitting in the back, they’re looking for privacy, so they ask the waiter to turn down the music in that zone. The server can quickly respond and help make their night special.

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